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stop: ONLY COMPLETE THIS WAIVER IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED A REGISTRATION FORM IN PERSON AND HAVE A CONFIMRED LESSON TIME SCHEDULED. Please go to the 'Reservations' page if you need to submit a reservation request.

Methow Valley Ski School & Rentals, LLC
Equipment Rental and Lesson
Terms and Conditions

As a condition of renting equipment from Methow Valley Ski School & Rentals, LLC; I agree to NOT SKI ON ROADS OR PARKING LOTS! Even if they are snow covered.  I agree to NOT JAM SKI TAILS IN THE SNOW.  I agree to pay the damage fees related to Delaminated ski tails due to misuse of skis.  I will NOT PUT TRAIL PASSES ON POLES. $5 fee charged to remove pass from pole.  I understand that EACH RENTAL DAY ENDS AT 5PM. I agree to pay for an additional day of rental for skis returned after 5PM.


PLEASE READ AND SIGN BELOW:  Recognizing that skiing and/or snowshoeing can be a hazardous sport, I HEREBY RELEASE Methow Valley Ski School from any liability for any and all injuries of whatever nature arising during or in connection with skiing or snowshoeing.  I agree to pay for any damages to the equipment rented while it is in my possession.

Thanks for submitting!

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