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Wax will keep dirt out of the base, prevent the base from drying out and will keep your skis gliding fast. The wax should be matched for current temperature and snow conditions.


Short Answer: "It depends". The more you ski, the more abrasive the snow, the sooner you need a wax. The ski will start to look dry and feel "sticky" when you try to glide. 

MYTH: "no wax" skis don't need wax

FALSE: The tip and tail glide zone of a fish scale or no wax ski must be waxed just like a downhill or skate ski.

seasonal care

Skis should "summer waxed", waxed at the end of the season to provide a protective barrier against dings, dirt and drying during storage.

Our cross country ski experts at MVSSR will provide a quick, hot ski wax tailored to the conditions and minor repairs.

We have DIY supplies; glide wax, scrapers, brushes, irons, liquids waxes, kick waxes, skin care.

Forgot the basics? We have modestly priced gloves, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm and hand/toe warmers.

Hot Wax - Ready Next Day  $20

Hot Wax - Same Day  (when possible)

Minor Repairs - Hourly Rate

We offer HOT WAX PUNCH CARDS. After 10 waxes get 1 FREE.  Available for purchase in our ski shop.